Alex Baum

Composer, String bass,

Guitar, etc., etc.,


Baum began his illustrious career by playing in Top 40, R&B bands while a high school student in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  His musical talents have since lead him to performances throughout the U.S., Japan, Europe and Canada.  Baum has lent his unconventional string bass techniques to a variety of groups over the years, including stints with:  Zero, Pine Top Perkins, Johnny Adams, Lockjaw Davis, Sweets Edison, Brenda Boykin, Dan Hicks and a regular in the Johnny Nocturne Band.  A man of many talents, Baum also continues to crank out the greats and wannabe greats at his Particles recording studio in Berkeley.  If you have a recording project in mind, even humming along with the ocean, call Alex.  He is reasonable and takes on everyone’s musical endeavors with serious and artistic integrity.  There is no reason for your music to remain internationally obscure.  Phone him at 510/525-7556. 

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